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Martenity Services

The delivery of a new-born child is a thrilling but often intimidating occasion. You no longer have to succumb into your concerns because Corporate 24 Hospital is by your side. Your entire list of maternity needs can be satisfied by Corporate 24. Put your trust in us at tense circumstances. Your journey to welcome a healthy, gurgling baby into the world is miraculous, and our skilled and knowledgeable midwives, doctors, and staff are here to help.


Every year, we welcome a large number of families to our theatres, and we make a consistent effort to make this setting feel warm and compassionate while accommodating as many of your birth wishes as we can.

Antenatal visits

Once your pregnancy is confirmed, it is important to see your GP or a midwife as soon as possible, so you can schedule the appointments you will need. Antenatal appointments will allow your GP, midwife and other people on your healthcare team to help both you and your baby stay healthy. Even if your pregnancy is going well and you are feeling well, it is important for you to attend your appointments so that any potential risks can be identified and prevented, or reduced.

Ultrasound scans

An ultrasound scan uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of the inside of the body suitably used during pregnancy. Ultrasound scans are used to evaluate fetal development, and they can detect problems in the liver, heart, kidney, or abdomen.

Early labor wards

The first stage of labor and birth occurs when you begin to feel regular contractions, which cause the cervix to open (dilate) and soften, shorten and thin (effacement). This allows the baby to move into the birth canal. Every woman’s labor is unique, even from one pregnancy to the next. Sometimes labor is over in a matter of hours. In other cases, labor tests a mother’s physical and emotional stamina. Hence, at Corporate 24 we would want you to experience this in a homely environment.

Post-natal wards

The midwifery team will provide care. Your care will include monitoring of your blood pressure, pulse and temperature at different times, and also checking your wound and bleeding. You will continue to have a drip in your arm until you can drink a normal amount. Often this drip can be removed later the same day. You may have a blood test later the same day or the following day to check whether you need to have iron tablets to help your recovery


Pregnancy is often regarded with excitement, but no matter how eagerly a child’s birth is anticipated, stress and other forms of emotional distress are still likely to occur during the challenging period of pregnancy. Pregnancy issues may be mild or serious, but they can affect the health of the mother or child, put strain on a romantic partnership, and lead to life changes, both predicted and unpredictable. When concerns that arise during pregnancy or after birth cause distress or otherwise affect one’s mental health, the support of a our midwife, doctors and counselors may be helpful.

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